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About H M Thomas Associates - Medical Billing Specialists


H. M. Thomas Associates (HMT) is a privately owned and operated medical billing service headquartered in Brunswick, Maine.

Our Core Belief - Personalized Service

Founded 1983 in New York City by its namesake Hattie M. Thomas, H. M. Thomas Associates began with the belief that each provider has a unique practice, and therefore, medical billing requires a personalized approach.

Having spent 10 years as the billing department manager for one of New York City's largest hospitals, Hattie had witnessed firsthand where large billing institutions failed to meet the needs of providers. It is this experience combined with a deep rooted belief in personalized service that guides HMT today.

Medical Billing Advances - Helping Providers Manage Change 

Over the years medical billing has changed dramatically. From early paper-based, manual processes, through the evolution of electronic data transmission, HMT has evolved as well, while remaining true to our core beliefs. Today, with nearly three decades in the medical billing business, HMT remains a trusted adviser to our clients as the industry prepares for the next generation of technological advances and sweeping government regulations.

In addition to remaining current with regulations and technology, personal service and an acute understanding of the importance of cash flow to the on-going operations for physician practices has made HMT an integral part of our client’s daily operations.

Today,through the use of advanced billing and practice management software, HMT continues to offer premier medical billing services to physicians, group practices, and clinics throughout the US.

"You asked for feedback on how we feel about your service. Unlike other billing agencies I've worked with you always get the job done and I know that I'll get paid. That says it all."
—Daniel Matalon, MD, Nephrology
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